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Chilled Water Coil

5WS0604B 37.5 X 36.00
37.5 X 36.0, CW COIL, 0.625 X .02 TUBING, 0.0075 ALUMINUM FINS, GALV STEEL CASING, 2 1/2" MPT , 60.00MBH
Chilled Water Coil

Cooling applications are most commonly used in hot fluid systems for comfort conditioning of a forced air stream and in process systems for drying processes. The collector header design with internal baffles provides circuiting flexibility while eliminating the need for return bends, while the splayed header design uses return bends for circuiting in lieu of a collection header. The term "splayed" means that the coil headers are offset outward from the coil tubes. The splayed header coil always has same end connections.

Chilled Water Coil
Coil tubes are .020 copper.
Coil Rows (4).
Fins are made from .0075 Aluminum.
Casing, Galvanized Steel.
Connections, 2.5 or 3.0" MPT Carbon Steel.
Vents and drains are standard on all coils.
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