CA-HVLS Specification


Model: CA-HVLS

HVLS fan shall have 5 blades with Tubercle Technology designed to efficiently move air. Fan frame shall be structural steel and blades should be anodized aluminum with high impact leading edges and end caps.

HVLS fans are engineered to move air in a large area while constantly creating an expansive comfort zone. HVLS fans create an evaporative cooling effect and can de-stratify uneven temperatures in tall buildings. Ideally suited for warehouses, schools, dining areas, gymnasiums and other applications to efficiently distribute air.

All models shall be ETL listed and comply with safety standards UL507 (Electric Fans) and CSA Std. C22.2, No 113.


  • Fan frame shall be powder coated or galvanized steel.
  • Fan hub shall be 713 cast aluminum alloy.
  • Standard mount shall be a universal I-Beam clamp with swivel.
  • Standard mount shall be available in 1, 2, or 4 Ft. lengths.
  • Optional steel extensions shall be available in 2, 4, 6, or 8 Ft. lengths.


  • Fans shall have 5 blades with Tubercle Technology
  • Blade stall angle shall be up to 22 degrees.
  • Blades shall be 6063 extruded anodized aluminum.
  • Blade leading edges and end caps shall be high impact polystyrene.

Gear Motor:

  • Motor shall be Helical Incline Reducing Type
  • Gear ratio shall be such that blades max rpm is within safety range of blades
  • Bottom of gearbox shall be sealed with "Quadralip" technology.
  • Gearbox shall be a "Unicase" housing with no split housings with gaskets.
  • Gearbox shall Autovent to allow it to breath and not damage seals.
  • There shall be a lip seal on the motor shaft.

Safety Components:

  • There shall be a safety ring made from 1/4" powder coated steel.
  • Safety cables shall be included and shall be 3/16" stainless steel.
  • Guy wires shall be included and shall be 1/8" stainless steel.
  • Safety clips shall be 713 cast aluminum alloy.

Product: Fan shall be model CA-HVLS as manufactured by CaptiveAire Systems

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