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Wet Chemical

Fire Suppression

Electric Wet Chemical

  • Faster and more accurate electrical detection
  • Monitored, supervised loops on all critical components
  • Low voltage interlock for multiple systems
  • Battery backup ensures safety even during power outage
  • Cloud-accessibility for monitoring functionality and activation

Electric Fire Detection

Firestat - The Firestat is a device installed in the hood's duct connection that measures temperature. The standard temperature setting is 360°F. If a temperature higher than the set point is sensed or a rapid rate of rise is detected, the Firestat contacts will close and energize the fire system.

Electric System with Battery Backup - The detection and manual activation device comprise an electric circuit that is connected to a battery backup system. In the event of a power outage, the power to all gas and electric appliances must be disrupted through the use of electric gas valves or shunt trip breakers. The battery powers the detection and manual activation device circuits, as well as monitoring those devices.

Reliable action every time

Real-Time Monitoring

Microprocessor Based Control - Instant notification of problems with the system

EWC Circuit Board - Provides all the necessary monitoring, timing and supervision functions required for the reliable operation of the EWC system. If a fault is detected anywhere in the EWC system, the audible alarm will periodically sound and the "Fire System Activated" light will flash a fault code or message via control package to indicate the specific fault detected.

Independent Supervised Loops - The supervised loops incorporates both redundancy and fault detection. It is the means by which fire sensors and manual activation devices are connected to the system.

Electronic supervision and
monitoring of system components

Stored Pressure Option

Overlapping Protection - Overlapping nozzles installed no greater than 24 inches apart and 40-45 inches above the cooking surface, ensuring an even and overlapping spray throughout the hazard zone.

Simplified Nozzle Design - Each nozzle has a metal foil cap to keep the nozzle tip orifice free of grease build up, allowing for quick discharge and reliable fire protection.

Product Resources

Simplified overlapping protection

The Electric Wet Chemical (EWC) fire suppression system is a UL and ETL Listed system for wet chemical extinguishing system units. The EWC system is UL listed under file number EX27953 to meet requirements of UL 300; ULC Listed to meet requirements of ULC/ORD-C1254.6 and UL/ULC 1254; CE Marked; Meets requirements of NFPA 96 and NFPA 17A

The EWC system is ETL listed under report number 101196419NYM-001 to the UL Standard 864 and CAN/ULC-S527-11; FDNY Certificate of Approval #5870