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PSP Accessory Specification

The Perforated Supply Plenum (PSP) shall provide make-up air through perforated stainless steel panels. All seams shall be welded and have stainless steel on exposed surfaces. Unexposed surfaces shall be constructed of aluminized steel. Perforated diffuser plates shall be included in the design and to provide even air distribution and the plenum shall be insulated to prevent condensation (optional).

Features and Benefits

  • Provides the required make-up air
  • Stainless steel construction to match the ventilation hood
  • Delivers make-up air where it is needed most while minimizing the amount of air that diffuses to space
  • Decreases HVAC load, thus lowering operating costs
  • Directs make-up air into the hood’s capture area
  • Evenly distributes make-up air along the length of the hood
  • Low make-up air discharge velocities, typical velocity is 140 to 160 ft. / min.
  • Assists in exceptional capture and containment of cooking vapors
  • Easy installation

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