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The design of the modern commercial kitchen, including the ventilation system, can be a challenging endeavor. The idea seems simple - air being exhausted from the building must be replaced in order to maintain balance. However, the CKV system is only one component of the overall restaurant HVAC system and all of these, when designed, must work well together to maintain the comfort level of both the restaurant patrons and staff. Join us for webinars focused on topics of Commercial Kitchen Ventilation.

2017 Webinar Dates

CORE Protection Fire System
May 11th, 2017 Kitchen Fires Beware: CORE Protection Fire System Speaker: Mike Morgan Summary: Fire safety and prevention is an important consideration in commercial kitchens today. This webinar will discuss CaptiveAire's New CORE Fire Protection System with Total Flood Appliance Protection. Hear how this system has been improved upon through dedicated research and development to provide the most advanced technology in preventing and defending against fires in commercial kitchens. [more...]
Kitchen Emissions and Pollution Control Webinar
June 1st, 2017 Kitchen Emissions and Pollution Control Webinar Speaker: Mike Morgan Summary: Fats and oils are part of our diets and important cooking aids. Unfortunately, they also create greasy residues that are fire hazards and require expensive maintenance. Commercial kitchen hoods and associated technologies must deal with the grease, smoke, and odor produced during commercial cooking operations. As we look to be more 'environmentally-friendly,' several state and/or local jurisdictions have targeted restaurant emissions in an effort to reduce pollution. [more...]
More webinar dates coming soon!