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BLL Specification

The model BLL is a low proximity passover type hood. Hood shall have size, shape and performance specified on drawings.

Construction shall be type 430 stainless steel with a #3 or #4 polish where exposed. Individual component construction shall be determined by manufacturer and ETL. Construction shall be dependent on the structural application to minimize distortion and other defects. All seams, joints and penetrations of the hood enclosure to its lower outermost perimeter that directs and captures grease-laden vapor and exhaust gases shall have a liquid-tight continuous external weld in accordance with NFPA 96. Hood shall be wall type with provisions to screw to back wall.

The hood shall be furnished with U.L. classified filters, supplied in size and quantity as required by ventilator.

The hood manufacturer shall supply complete computer generated submittal drawings including hood sections view(s) and hood plan view(s). These drawings must be available to the engineer, architect and owner for their use in construction, operation and maintenance.

Exhaust duct collar to be 4" high with 1" flange. Duct sizes, CFM and static pressure requirements shall be as shown on drawings. Static pressure requirements shall be precise and accurate; air velocity and volume information shall be accurate within 1-ft increments along the length of the ventilator.

The hood shall have:
  • The grease drain system shall be an enclosed integral part of the hood back and have slope with an exposed, removable ½ pint grease cup to facilitate cleaning.
  • Low profile design to allow plate shelf and passover design.

The hood shall be ETL Listed as "Exhaust Hood Without Exhaust Damper", ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96. The hood shall be listed for 400° F cooking surfaces at 110 CFM/ft.

All seams shall be welded and have stainless steel on exposed surfaces. Unexposed surfaces shall be constructed of aluminized steel.

   Optional Features    
  • Enclosure Panels
  • Stainless steel baffle and high efficiency stainless steel baffle filters
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