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DFA-250-CA Parts
Motors, Pulleys, & Motor Specific Parts
Motor HP Phs Voltage FLA Shaft Frame Weight RPM Vendor
Lookup Part!  - Fans Tech DF250 Motor 0.32 1 120 V 1.9 0" 0 lbs 2480 Fans-tech Electric Co.
General Purpose  

The manufacturer reserves the right to use alternate motors from alternate vendors that meet the operating requirements of the fan but may have slightly different specifications.
Lookup Part! CD60W FAN CONTROL -White, 60 Minute Time Control 59W for CFA Ceiling Fans, operates fan continuously for up to 60 min. 120V-9A. Replaces 59W.
Lookup Part! SC100W 3 Amp, white speed control 57W for CFA100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 & 700, 120 V Ceiling Fans. Replaces 57W.
Lookup Part! 2E340 Line Voltage Thermostat, 120 or 240 volt, used as fan thermostat in cooling applications. Close on temperature rise. 80-130 degree dial. 2E340. 13.8 amps at 120V, 10 amps at 240V.
Lookup Part! MS100W Occupancy Sensor, White, 120VAC. 1/2HP, 9 Amp Max (Fan +Light). 300W max LED, 600W max Incandescent. Fits single-gang box.