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CASLink: Cloud-Based Building Management
Cloud-Based Building Management

CaptiveAire's proprietary building management system gives users complete control over HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and utilities from any internet-connected location.

State of the Art Electrical Controls
Standard Controls and Demand Ventilation
State of the Art Electrical Controls
with LCD Screen

Thermostatically Controlled Option offers automatic operation of exhaust fan(s) whenever cooking operations occur. The Demand Ventilation Option utilizes VFDs to modulate exhaust and supply airflows based on cooking load.

Self Cleaning Remote Manifold and Controls
Self Cleaning
Self Cleaning Remote Manifold and Controls

Self Cleaning Remote Manifold and Controls provide plumbing and Electrical Controls for Self Cleaning hoods when the design does not allow for a utility cabinet on the end of the hood.

Lighting Control
Lighting Control
Lighting Control

Fully automatic light control featuring advanced programmable control logic based on schedules and inputs