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Thermostatic Control Option Specification

Model: Thermostatic Control Option

Description: The Electrical Package, typically FP, is designed to thermostatically activate the exhaust fans for an exhaust hood whenever elevated temperatures are sensed in the exhaust system. This option will meet the requirements of IMC 507.2.1.1 by providing a thermostat(s) mounted in the duct or hood riser to sense increased exhaust temperatures. Controls shall be listed by ETL (UL 508A). The control enclosure shall be NEMA 1 rated and listed for installation inside of the exhaust hood utility cabinet. The control enclosure may be constructed of stainless steel or painted steel.

Temperature probes(s) located in the duct riser shall be constructed of Stainless Steel.

Once the duct temperature reaches the activation point, the exhaust fans will be activated. The controls also provide hysteresis to prevent cycling of the fans after the cooking appliances have been turned off and the heat in the exhaust system is reduced. The hysteresis is factory set 2 degrees and will keep the exhaust running until the temperature falls 2 degrees below the activation set point. A hysteresis timer also exists to keep the fans running for at least 30 min after being activated by the temperature rise.

The activation and hysteresis settings may be field adjusted on the board LCD interface located inside the control enclosure to meet application needs. The panel is factory configured to shut down supply fans, turn on the exhaust fans and turn off the hood lights in a fire condition.

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