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Breathe with Confidence

when you see the Air Quality Excellence label

Air Quality Excellence certification by CaptiveAire recognizes facilities that maintain exceptional indoor air quality.

Breathe easy knowing the air you breathe has been certified to be fresh, clean, and highly filtered to remove contaminants.

High volumes of outdoor air have been shown to reduce the spread of viruses, improve productivity and concentration, and promote a healthier environment.

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The Six Point System

Ventilation systems in each Air Quality Excellence certified facility are carefully designed, installed, and tested to verify that indoor air quality meets stringent parameters. Facilities must meet six qualifications to gain certification:

  1. The building is confirmed to have a positive building pressurization balance, preventing inflow of unfiltered contaminants.
  2. All ventilation equipment contains direct drive (not belt drive) blowers, which maintain airflow consistently as blowers age.
  3. All ventilation equipment is connected to CASLink and an active connection is present.
  4. CASService’s System Design Verification has confirmed that equipment installation meets design air volume, there are no critical installation concerns, and supply air velocity is acceptable (no excessive drafts).
  5. The building has at minimum 1.5 times the ASHRAE 62.1 standard – Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.
  6. CaptiveAire equipment handles all outdoor air entering the building.

Achieve Air Quality Excellence

Earn certification through CaptiveAire and receive a front door decal and a plaque for your lobby.

Your patrons will breathe in confidence knowing the air they breathe is healthy and fresh.

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