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Video Resource Library

Explore the video resources below to learn more about CaptiveAire's products and services.

Paragon HVAC


Backed by 40 years of ventilation expertise, Paragon HVAC by CaptiveAire is the ideal HVAC solution offering exceptional energy savings and unprecedented comfort and humidity control. Learn more at

Indoor Air Quality

Learn more about how Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects you, your health, and your performance.

A Solution to Viral Spread

The air we breathe matters more than we think. In today's modern, fully sealed buildings, contaminated air is continuously recirculated, spreading viruses and other pathogens. Learn more about how to make buildings safe again.

Air Diffusion Supply Duct


Air Diffusion Supply Duct is the first of its kind in the U.S., providing an aesthetically pleasing, performance driven solution that works exceptionally well for exposed ceilings.


CASService explains how to install CaptiveAire's Air Diffusion Supply Duct, a new innovative perforated stainless steel supply ductwork for HVAC applications.

One System, One Source

Finding Perfect Comfort

Achieve perfect comfort within a space with a perfectly integrated HVAC system. High performing components designed to deliver specifically defined air temperature, humidity, velocity and volume ensure that your space attains a perfect outcome.

The Fresh Air Restaurant System

CaptiveAire engineers explain the importance of integrating all aspects of a ventilation system to ensure optimum system performance and efficiency. Learn more at

Case Study - Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen, a growing chain of fast casual restaurants in Tampa, FL, explains why using an integrated, total building ventilation system from CaptiveAire is the best choice for peak performance, maximum efficiency, and easy serviceability.

Case Study - Ford’s Garage

Ford's Garage, a boutique restaurant chain in Florida, chose CaptiveAire to handle all of their ventilation needs. Hear why an integrated HVAC and kitchen ventilation system was their preferred choice for their unique restaurant concept.

Case Study - Pitch Pizzeria

CaptiveAire's Fresh Air Restaurant System was Pitch Pizzeria's ventilation system of choice for total building ventilation.

CaptiveAire Manufacturing

CaptiveAire's manufacturing team is dedicated to quality, service, and continuous improvement. Learn more about our manufacturing facilities located throughout the U.S. Multiple facilities allow for short lead times and affordable shipping.

Professional Development Hour: HVAC


This deep dive into psychometrics and the Psychometric Chart explores how the chart came to be, how it's used, and why it's important in HVAC design.

Commercial Load Calculations

Learn the ins and outs of commercial HVAC load calculations—how to determine what tonnage unit you need and all of the factors at play in this decision.

The Refrigeration Cycle

Learn about the basics of the refrigeration cycle. This video is helpful for anyone in the HVAC industry, especially HVAC engineers and consultants, or anyone who wants to learn more about the inner workings of HVAC units.

Professional Development Hour: Electrical Basics

Electrical Basics

This comprehensive introduction covers the basics of electricity, including discussions about how electricity is created and functions, Ohm's Law, the difference between direct and alternating currents, types of circuits and how they work, electromagnets, switches, basic safety, and more.

Alternating Current, Motors, & Controls

Explore the basics of Alternating Current (AC) and motors with discussions about generators, power distribution, transformers, motor types, speed controls, and more.

Computer Science for All

Learn about the basics of electronics and computer science in this video. Several basic computing concepts are taught using various methodologies, from simple switches all the way to transistors and microcontrollers.

Professional Development Hour: Kitchen Fire Suppression

Our Philosophies

This presentation explains the history and evolution of kitchen fire suppression systems, and the different approaches and philosophies CaptiveAire has deployed to design and produce effective systems. From the fire triangle to UL testing standards, we cover a broad range of topics with tailored visuals and animations.

Dynamic Systems

This video uncovers the science of fluid dynamics involved in kitchen fire suppression systems. From Bernoulli’s Law to actual field piping calculations, we explain the theory and practically apply it to various systems such as CORE and TANK. This knowledge is essential for engineers specifying these systems as well as technicians in the field.

Grease Duct

Single Wall Installation Series

CaptiveAire’s factory built, listed single wall grease ductwork is ideal for use in applications where clearance to combustibles is not required. This series explains how to install our grease duct quickly and easily, with no welding, field design, or special licensing needed.

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Double Wall Installation Series

CaptiveAire’s factory built, listed double wall grease ductwork is ideal for use in applications where clearance to combustibles is needed. This series explains how to install our grease duct quickly and easily, with no welding, field design, or special licensing required.

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CORE Fire Protection


CORE Fire Protection is CaptiveAire's state of the art water-based fire suppression system. CORE quickly detects and extinguishes dangerous grease fires with a continuous and overlapping supply of water and surfactant.


How to install a hood with CORE Fire Protection, CaptiveAire’s revolutionary water-based fire suppression system.

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Solid Fuel Fire Protection

Solid fuel cooking is gaining in popularity in today’s modern kitchens. This method of cooking poses a whole new fire risk for restaurant operators. CaptiveAire provides a total system design from floor to roof that vastly minimizes fire risk and keeps your kitchen operating smoothly and safely for years to come.

CASService Instructional Series

Troubleshoot common issues, learn how to start up your equipment, and learn basic do-it-yourself solutions for a variety of CaptiveAire products through this informative video series.